Get Connected

Sunday gatherings are only the tip of the iceberg. Like the early followers of Jesus, we also gather in various places like homes, coffee shops, restaurants, paintball complexes, office buildings… well, you get the picture.

Connect Through Community We are not a building, we are a body. A living, breathing organism with wild diversity and, in Christ, acommon unity (community.) We are a house of friends. A family of faith. A new tribe. So, like Jesus, we do this thing called “life” together, connected, the way it was intended. So take a look to your right and see some opportunities to plug in.

Connect Through Service The vast majority of ministries at CrossWay are accomplished through an army of volunteers. As a community of Christ-followers, we recognize that we are not merely consumers, but contributors. One of the fastest ways to build relationships is to join a team or a service project and dive in to help change the world. This is how our mission is fulfilled.

Small Groups for Everyone

We have a number of groups for you plug in, make real and meaningful friendships and experience the genius of God's design in community to help us become all we are meant to be. Couples, singles, young, old - there is a place for you.


Tribe for Men

We gather in various venues to learn together, play together, train together, and fight together. We are on a mission to become the leaders and lovers that Christ has called us to become as we follow hard after him. Brother to brother, blade to blade.


Quest for Women

We want to know God intimately, follow him passionately and live for his pleasure. We believe this happens in an environment of genuine, loving community, so we unite as sisters on a journey and gather in life groups to help one another on the breathtaking adventure of faith, hope and love.


Discovery Land for Kids

Every Sunday, we invite children up to 6th grade to join in breakout sessions during the teaching portion of our worship service. Our goal is to introduce them to the true Hero who is worth their love and pursuit and equip them for lives of meaning and purpose.